Augusto Huescar

Tourism destination strategy

Marketing and transformation

I believe in strategy as a prior step for good communication. And I apply this concept to destinations and companies in the tourism sector for which I work mainly.

My specialization in the tourism field started in 1997, and since then I have not stopped learning about the multiple aspects of this complex activity. I have worked in marketing and branding of destinations and tourism companies since 2006, in more than 15 countries (Spain, Croatia, Greece, Armenia, Haiti, Colombia, Uruguay, etc.) and in three languages (Spanish, English and French). I have also dedicated several years to market research, which has allowed me to better know the tourist in their motivations and urgencies.

I do not understand undertaking a job without a deep commitment, without a great effort to understand the needs of the client.

I bring experience, knowledge and tools for the growth and transformation of destinations and companies in the tourism sector.