Brand transformation

Brand transformation processes: Coaching

“Where shall I start? What should I change?. First we look at your brand’s values, attributes, personality, the history of the brand and its positioning. All of them make up your brand pillars. Consistency with that essence and differentiation will be key to success. We will be also with you in the internal and external process. We use co-creation dynamics, based on the process of ‘Design Thinking’ ”.

Transforming businesses and destinations involves transforming people, it implies therefore renewed. The external changes must be a reflection of true internal changes.

  • Internal communication
  • External communications

Astrolabio branding

  • Key agents are involved in the transformation
  • Quick diagnosis
  • Ordering causes and effects allows you to tackle the origin of the problems
  • Joint decision on critical aspects for the brand improvement

Because what makes astrolabe, is also transforming.

Change should be at all levels, starting with people.

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