Eric Rubin

International Research


International both by nature and profession!

I love figuring out how things work. Even as a kid I used to take things apart to see their working parts, to touch the materials, to understand a little bit more about how they functioned. So, it’s not a big surprise I ended up being a market researcher.

I have been conducting international research for over 20 years and my specialty areas are brand research and consumer insights. I have successfully led numerous international brand research projects over the course of my career. Additionally, I have established noted rapport with the international research community as a valued colleague.

Why International by nature? Well, I was born in California (USA), but moved to Barcelona at 22 to spend a year experiencing a different culture not like a tourist, but actually living there, submerging myself into their culture and customs. Years went by and 27 later people say I’m more Catalan than American seeing as I’m completely fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.

First Strategy, then Communication