Teresa Escudero

On/off Brand Experience

Brand identity

I am a strategist with absolute weakness to show how it tangents, takes form and manages to communicate a unique way of being of a brand through its own language and its own image. What is more wonderful than uncovering the identity of a brand? … to know how to communicate it, to fall in love, … that works!

I have directed or collaborated in projects for a wide variety of sectors: finance, teleco, real state, tourism, FMCG, fashion, cosmetics, institutional and advertising. And, I admit, I am fascinated by the challenges: Uterqüe, Inditex, Elba Hotels. And “roll up.”

When approaching a project there are two premises that I always have in mind: a brand is absolutely everything it does. Although the business vision is essential, the factors that make the difference are creativity in the search for roads and solutions and the ability to listen and adapt permanently to change.

When I do not work, my other passions are anthropology, Renaissance and contemporary art, photography. And the world of perfume, understood as an art and a personal attitude.

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